Patient Resource

Your Evaluation/ Consultation:

A nurse technician will initially greet you, note your present concerns and symptoms, and record a detailed medical history. From there you will be able to meet with your physician for your consultation and evaluation. Your physician will take the necessary time to explain your specific problem(s) and to outline a course of action.

*Depending on what you need to be treated for you could also require more testing, if testing needs to be done please allow 30min -1 hour for the test.

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What to expect at your appointment:

Whenever possible, new patient consultations should be arranged through your eye doctor, with the authorization of your primary care physician if required by your insurance carrier. We limit our practice to the eyelids, tear-ducts, and the orbit of the eye; we do not treat for retina issues, prescribe glasses, or contact lenses.

Upon your arrival to our office, Tennessee Oculoplastic’s staff will enter or update your registration and insurance information. To avoid delays, please have your insurance card(s), photo ID, and if you so choose your registration forms that may be printed here. Also please bring a list of your current medications and doctor’s names, addresses, and phone numbers, involved in your care. We ask that if you are a new patient or former patient to please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your appointment so that we may better assist you.

Medical/Cosmetic Surgery:

Nashville Surgery Scheduling:

As a convenience to you, one of our two surgery coordinators will obtain prior authorization or predetermination from your insurance company.

This Process can take up to 4-6 weeks prior to scheduling your surgery. Once approved, you and the scheduler will pick a date together.

For any medical questions, please be sure to contact the office at
615-329-3624 and ask to speak to a nurse.

Oculoplastics Nashville tn - Cosmetic eyelid and tear duct surgery for droopy eyelids - eyelid lift


Do I need a driver?

Your initial visit will be a consultation. If you have a lesion and the potential of it being removed upon your office visit we ask that you bring a driver. If surgery is scheduled you will need to have someone present with you and will need to stay with you for 24 hours after your surgery.


We accept most Health insurance providers, including: Tricare, Medicare, and Tennessee Medicaid (such as BlueCare, Amerigroup, and TennCare). However there are so many different plans, networks, and coverages so please contact your insurance company to find out if your plan is in network or for any additional coverage inquires.

HMO Referrals:

You are responsible and required to obtain an authorization/ referral from you insurance company prior to making an appointment. Call and request your primary care physician to retrieve your insurance authorization today. If you are unsure if your plan requires an authorization contact your insurance carrier

*Insurance Copay or consultation fee is due day of appointment.

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