Vision is something that we treasure, as it allows us to get by on a daily basis. From texting a friend to going on walks, your vision is what allows you to obtain a visual presentation of your surroundings. While the eyes are the most important element in terms of vision, the surrounding areas, such as your tear ducts, eyelids, and the orbit, can also impact vision and your appearance. Oculoplastic surgeons can help to provide both cosmetic and medically necessary surgical procedures to correct issues with these parts of the face. Let’s break down what an oculoplastic surgeon is and why you might need one. 

What Is An Oculoplastic Surgeon? 

An oculoplastic surgeon is a type of ophthalmologist. Orbital surgeons also fall within this particular classification. The term oculoplastic surgery is often thought of as an umbrella term, as it can refer to a number of different surgical procedures. One thing that all of these procedures share, however, is the fact that they are related to the areas surrounding the eyes. 

These surgeons decided to undergo further training once they graduated as ophthalmologists. Specialized training allows an oculoplastic surgeon to work with the delicate skin on the eyelids, as well as parts like the eye socket and tear ducts. Research shows that there has been a significant increase in the number of oculoplastic surgeries conducted over the past few years – with the majority of these surgeries within the United States. 

Types Of Surgeries in Nashville, TN

There are different types of surgical procedures that an oculoplastic surgeon can perform. Recent studies show that the use of oculoplastic surgeries for cosmetic purposes has increased in a six-year period, with up to 75% of procedures being for cosmetic reasons in some practices. Still, there are also cases where these surgeries are a medical requirement to help improve eye health and comfort. 

Eyelid Surgeries

Eyelid surgeries are relatively common among oculoplastic surgeons. Among these procedures, eyelid reconstruction and blepharoplasty are often performed. 

Some of the surgeries used to assist with eyelids causing problems with the eyes and vision include:

  • Ectropion Repair: This procedure helps to treat cases where the eyelids start to fold outward. Sometimes, the eyelid may start to sag. Ectropion can lead to inner eyelid irritation. The condition most often affects the bottom eyelid. A small part of the eyelid may be removed. A skin graft is also sometimes used to support the lower eyelid.
  • Entropion Repair: Entropion refers to a condition where the eyelids folds inward instead of outward. Surgical procedures can help to correct this particular problem and avoid further irritation to the eye’s lining. 

Ptosis repair can also be used in cases where either eyelid starts to have a drooping effect. In cases where the tear ducts do not produce enough tears, the oculoplastic surgeon may use external dacryocystorhinostomy to restore a more efficient flow of your tears. 

Orbital Surgeries

Certain surgeries may be done to the orbit of the eye socket. This is usually due to the presence of eye disorders. Oculoplastic surgeons can also treat tumors through orbital surgeries, as well as help to provide restorative effects following trauma to the area. 

Reasons To Consider An Oculoplastic Surgeon

There are a number of reasons why you might want to consider seeing an oculoplastic surgeon. Consistent irritation in the eye, poor lubrication, and abrasion on the cornea are often signs of the eyelid or tear duct problems. Following a diagnosis of tumors, you may also be referred to an oculoplastic surgeon. 

Oculoplastic surgeons can also help to improve your appearance. Thus, you may want to see one of these surgeons for cosmetic purposes, such as when you want to tighten the skin around your eyes or lift parts like the eyebrows. 

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